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Save Hollywoods Girls
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for those who love and admire girls in hollywood and are upset by the way they've been acting

I know this community is still new but it's an idea I've had stuck in my head for a while. I guess you could say I'm a big hollywood follower, and I pay way too much attention to what goes on in the media. Back in the day I was a big fan of Britney, when she was in her prime (before kevin). For the past two years or so I've been more focused on Lindsay Lohan, and I found it ironic how they've both been hitting rock bottom around the same time. I'm tired of it honestly. I don't want another Anna Nicole situation here. And I know I am not the only one who loves and admires these girls. So I decided why not make a group, or something that focuses on the idea. So with that I decided to start small. A LJ Community isn't much but I believe it's a good start. This community can be about recent stories any girl in hollywood has been in. Your opinion on whats going on, any rumors you may have questions or concerns about. But the main focus will be the young girls in Hollywood that weren't taught when to draw the line! YES We love them, and we only hope for the best for them. If you agree, please consider joining this group!


  • Articles about any girl in hollywood you feel needs to be saved.
  • discussions on any current situation happening
  • graphics to promote the community, please make sure they have "save hollywoods girls" somewhere on them. The domain savehollywoodsgirls.com points directly to this community.
  • Predictions, what you feel is going to happen based on what has happened.

  • This is not a community for bashing the girls, its a hope that they will get better. If you don't hope they will get better, then you shouldnt entertain the idea of joining.
  • No eDrama. I know that's hard for some of you, but try to get along. :)