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Wax LindsayIt's a good sign that an actress' career may officially be over when her wax figure at Madame Tussauds has become a joke. That's exactly what happened this week at the museum in New York, where the workers dressed the Lindsay Lohan figure in a classic striped jailbird suit. You can head to Madame Tussauds in New York to see what the future of Lindsay Lohan might actually look like. Lindsay Lohan was arrested for DUI on Tuesday morning for the second time in three months. When the police pulled over Lindsay Lohan, she allegedly had a blood alcohol level 50% higher than the legal limit and cocaine in her pants pocket. The latest excuse for Lindsay Lohan? The pants weren't hers. Wow. If you're in trouble with the law already and have a hearing scheduled for DUI and cocaine possession, check the pockets of the pants you're wearing at all times.

Lindsay Lohan was arrested around 1:30am Tuesday morning in a white SUV after 911 calls of a high speed chase involving the car in Santa Monica. Lindsay Lohan refused to submit to a Breathalyzer test at that time, but failed a field sobriety test. According to reports, Lindsay Lohan blew a .12 to .13 percent blood alcohol level at the police station. She was booked on driving under the influence, as well as driving on a suspended license. Lindsay Lohan was released shortly after 6:30am and posted $25,000 bail. There were rumors yesterday that the court hearing for Lindsay Lohan would be scheduled for August 24th, the same day as her hearing for her May DUI incident. She can get them out of the way at the same time.

Around Memorial Day of this year, Lindsay Lohan was driving drunk and crashed her car into a group of trees. She then fled the scene and police found a usable amount of cocaine in her car and, allegedly, in her system. Lindsay Lohan showed up at a hospital later that night where she was treated for minor injuries and booked on DUI. After a couple more nights of partying, Lindsay Lohan dove head-first into Promises rehab center, trying to clean up herself and her image. Lindsay Lohan attended regular AA meetings and even committed to the extended program at Promises. There are rumors that Lindsay Lohan might have re-entered rehab, but other reports place her in a home of a close friend.

Upon her release she was fitted with an alcohol monitor on her ankle, which supposedly tracked booze coming out of her skin. Looks like that didn't work. Lindsay Lohan was seen partying at Pure in Las Vegas less than 24 hours after leaving Promises, but was reportedly drinking water and Red Bulls. She claimed to be clean. Last Thursday, Lindsay Lohan went to the Beverly Hills Police Department and was fingerprinted, booked, and photographed for the May incident and scheduled for an August 24th court appearance.

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MY THOUGHTS:  Now, I am a big lohan fan but even I don't believe that the pants weren't hers.  She's running out of excuses.  She really just needs to face it and get help.  I don't want to wake up one morning and hear she died for reasons that could be avoided.

Bring Britney Back

Save Britney!!Fears are mounting for Britney Spears as her erratic behaviour increases again — in the past week she's gone swimming in her underwear in front of the paparazzi, suffered a "meltdown" during a magazine interview, and taken her sons out sailing without lifejackets.

The 25 year old star, who earlier this week had a run in with photographers, went swimming in her bra and panties with an unidentified friend in Malibu on 18 July, while paparazzi snapped away.

On the following day during an interview with OK Magazine, she behaved erratically, feared that the ceiling would collapse on her, allowed her dog to mess on a couture gown, and wiped her dirty hands on another gown after eating a fried chicken lunch.

Spears, who had contacted the magazine to set up the interview, arrived 45 minutes late for the face-to-face that was intended to be an exclusive career comeback talk.

"We were especially excited when Britney Spears’ handlers contacted us because they wanted OK! to be the magazine in which Britney could finally set the record straight about all the rumours surrounding her much-talked-about private life," said the magazine in a statement.

But it turned into a nightmare, according to Sarah Ivens, the mag's editor in chief.

"I've never seen anything like it," she told AP.

"It's definitely the most bizarre shoot I've ever been on."

Apart from treating the supplied pink silk Alisha Levine designer dress as "a napkin" (rubbing "grease from her fingers into the front and back of the dress"), and watching while her Yorkie puppy (London) defecated on a Zac Posen gown worth $6700, Spears frequently went to the bathroom but left the door open, and insisted that her friends (and not OK!'s stylists) do her hair and makeup.

"The hair and make-up people were ordered out so that Brit's friends could do the job, using the equipment brought in by the pros," said OK! reporter Ryan Smith.

Also damaged during the day were a $5602 Versace gown and Marni shoes valued at $595.

"What actually transpired on the day was a shock to us and left me and the whole crew feeling quite shocked and sad, really," said Ivens.

"I wasn't in the room but I was there to hear the upset shrieks of the stylist," she said of the dog incident.

"Her assistant dealt with it in the end, after being asked to take care of it. They had to be asked to clear it up."

Spears, who also complained that the clothing provided wasn't tight or short enough, walked off after three hours — before the shoot was over — and wearing borrowed clothes amounting to $14 000 in value.

The actual interview with Smith lasted only a few minutes as Spears decided to have lunch instead.

"She needs to have a really strong team to advise her what to do, what not to do," said Ivens. "And then, if she gets that, I'm sure she can pull it around. It's all there. She's got talent. She just needs to get her priorities straight, I think."

Spears currently has no personal publicist or manager and, according to a family friend, "won't listen to anybody".

"[Her family] is frustrated with the situation – and worried about the children," the pal told People.

Smith ended his OK! piece with: "We'd love to have our old Britney back. But what we experienced was a young girl who is in need of help." 

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MY THOUGHTS:  To me, I think Britney thinks nothing is wrong with her.  Which is why she doesnt seem to be acting any better.  I really hope eventually she realizes whats going on and gets back on track with her family and her career.  I blame a lot of it on Kevin.  I knew he'd fuck her up eventually.

Fairly New

I know this community is still new but it's an idea I've had stuck in my head for a while. I guess you could say I'm a big hollywood follower, and I pay way too much attention to what goes on in the media. Back in the day I was a big fan of Britney, when she was in her prime (before kevin). For the past two years or so I've been more focused on Lindsay Lohan, and I found it ironic how they've both been hitting rock bottom around the same time. I'm tired of it honestly. I don't want another Anna Nicole situation here. And I know I am not the only one who loves and admires these girls. So I decided why not make a group, or something that focuses on the idea. So with that I decided to start small. A LJ Community isn't much but I believe it's a good start. This community can be about recent stories any girl in hollywood has been in. Your opinion on whats going on, any rumors you may have questions or concerns about. But the main focus will be the young girls in Hollywood that weren't taught when to draw the line! YES We love them, and we only hope for the best for them. If you agree, please consider joining this group!


- Christie (sixsevenlohan)